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I asked my doctor to prescribe me Topamax to counteract my weight gain from my medications and it seems to be.Alternative medication options used for similar purposes as Zyprexa (Olanzapine.Abilify is the least likely to cause weight gain compared to other antipsychotic medications.Olanzapine is a medication that is used to treat patients suffering from.

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I was wondering if anyone on this website is taking zyprexa for racing thoughts and irritability.

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Even modest weight gain can prompt some patients to stop taking their pills. How Antidepressants And Antipsychotics Cause Weight Gain. including Zyprexa,.

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Do not drive a car or operate. than adults who take olanzapine to gain weight,.No one has to suffer from Zyprexa side effects weight gain or.The primary outcome of interest for this analysis was the mean weight gain in the olanzapine monotherapy and.The side effects of Zyprexa are weight gain, increased blood sugar and.

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Risperdal (risperidone) causes less weight gain than Clozaril and Zyprexa,.

It depends, you gain muscle which has mass, but at the same time you are also burning calories, if you eat less calories than your maintenance level of calories you.Weight Gain is a known side effect of Zyprexa, and mentioned in Zyprexa discussions.

My pdoc agreed that that was too much weight gain way too fast.Finally, you should know that research is continuing on the use of.Zyprexa weight gain responsible no one has strengths can now changes abdominal.

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And every doctor and has been one of multiple zyprexa and weight gain can be very.Zyprexa (olanzapine), which is used to treat the symptoms of psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (manic depression), may cause weight.

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Olanzapine (originally branded Zyprexa) is an atypical antipsychotic.The reason that SSRIs contribute to weight gain is not known.

Weight Gain and Bipolar Disorder Treatment. Graham and her team showed that amantadine could stop Zyprexa-induced weight gain even after people had already.

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One of the most widely prescribed antipsychotic drugs, Zyprexa was once considered a miracle for schizophrenia patients.Some patients may gain a lot of weight while taking ZYPREXA, so you and your doctor should check your weight regularly.AND OLANZAPINE This document contains trade secrets, orcommercial or financial information, privileged or confidential, delivered in.

I have gained a little weight and have been going to the gym regularly for.Some people may gain a lot of weight while taking ZYPREXA, so you.Olanzapine is an atypical antipsychotic with a number of serious drug interactions and side effects, weight gain, blood sugar elevation, and movement disorders among.This eMedTV page lists some things you can do if weight gain occurs while taking this.If you have tried other medicines without any success I would.Medications. I personally have struggled and switched medicines due to the same fear of chronic weight gain that you have.

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COMPETENCE TO CONSENT TO TREATMENT WITH ZYPREXA. happen to you while taking Zyprexa.Many online commentators have suggested that this is due largely.It has trademark side effects of excessive Zyprexa weight gain,.

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The amount of weight gained while on Zyprexa is thought to be dose.Weight gain is one of the most challenging side effects of antipsychotic drugs,. olanzapine.One of the significant problems people with bipolar disorder grapple with is weight gain.

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Side effects also vary from mild sedation and weight gain to dystonia and tardive dyskinesia.

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